How to Unlock Mouse on A Laptop? 2 Working Methods

There are instances when your laptop’s mouse won’t move. In such cases, it’s difficult to tell if the problem is with a frozen application, your laptop touchpad, or your computer itself. The following are some examples of this behavior before you try to unlock mouse on a laptop:

  • The mouse doesn’t move or the computer screen freezes.
  • Even when swiping the touchpad or moving the external mouse, the mouse cursor remains stationary.
  • Nothing happens when you click on buttons or links.

So people under such circumstances may ask you, how do you unlock the mouse on a laptop? When working on a laptop, a mousepad or touchpad is a must-have accessory. However, the majority of the time, people are looking for the same information, such as how to unlock the cursor on a laptop and what to do if the mouse is locked on a laptop. This mostly occurs when you attempt to use an external mouse on occasion. So, you need to be careful as it can interfere with the use of the other.

How to Unlock Mouse on A Laptop!

Well, you don’t have to worry as in this brief guide, we’ll show you how to properly troubleshoot your laptop’s Touchpad if it becomes frozen or more simply how to unlock mouse on a laptop.

Rebooting Won’t Work:

Your initial reaction — resetting your laptop – is unlikely to help. However, it’s worth a shot because debugging typically entails a number of procedures. Almost certainly, you’ll need to re-enable the trackpad through the appropriate function-key combination on your laptop. In other words, this indicates that the trackpad has been disabled – a state that can be triggered by mistakenly pressing the wrong keys simultaneously or even by a stray cat that has made its way onto your keyboard. If it doesn’t work then you can lookout for the next easy step.

Laptops with touchpad lock and Unlock Button Using Keyboard

Learn how to enable touchpad on laptop using keyboard.

TouchPad Button:

Some laptops include a button near the touchpad’s top that enables and disables the touchpad rapidly. With the button, you may toggle the touchpad on and off.

Fn keys for the touchpad:

Some laptops include an Fn key that, when pressed in conjunction with one of the F1 – F12 function keys, enables and disables the touchpad. To toggle the touchpad on and off, simultaneously hit both of these shortcut keys.

How to unlock mouse on Windows 10, and Window 8?

From Windows 8 to the latest and most recently launched Windows 11, the user interface is quite friendly and appealing. The majority of you can simply resolve issues with these operating systems. As a result, when it comes to unlocking your laptop’s Touchpad on Windows 11 or later. You may do the following actions.

  • Simply click the Windows Icon and type Touchpad into the Search field. You will have a Touchpad Configuration similar to the one mentioned in the given video.
  • Alternatively, you can access the touchpad setting manually by navigating to setting>Devices>Touchpad setting.
  • When the touchpad window settings are complete, check for an option such as Additional Setting, as seen in the following image.
  • When you click on the other settings, a new pop-up window similar to the one mentioned in the image will open.

You must guarantee that if the feature highlighted in the above screenshot is checked in, you can unlock your laptop mouse by unchecking it. This function enables you to lock or unlock your laptop’s mouse in order to utilize an external device or remove it.

How to Unlock mouse on Windows 7?

Nonetheless, many users continue to choose Windows 7 for their daily tasks. Therefore, if you’re unsure how to unlock the mouse on your laptop running Windows 7, here are a few things you can try.

  • To begin, click on the Windows Icon and type Control Panel in the Search bar.
  • Afterward, from there, select the Hardware and Sound option.
  • Now, locate Devices and Printers and then click on the Mouse option.
  • In the properties of the touchpad. Look for the option that allows you to toggle the Touchpad functionality on and off. This will be described as a Touchpad, a Clickpad, or something comparable.
  • Finally, you’ll have the choice of enabling or disabling the Touchpad on the Touchpad. This functionality may be toggled on and off by a checkbox or toggling key.

However, if you’ve unlocked the mouse on your laptop, an external mouse is unnecessary. However, if you have locked it, you will need to navigate via Windows using an external mouse.

How to Unlock a mouse on macOS?

Until an external mouse is plugged in or linked through Bluetooth, macOS will not allow you to disable the MacBook trackpad. Once you’ve connected a mouse, proceed with the instructions below.

  • Click the Apple icon in the menu bar.
  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
    Image Credits: Computerhope
  • Scroll down to the Pointer Control panel and click on it.

It’s time to choose whether you want to ignore the built-in trackpad when you have a mouse or a wireless trackpad nearby!

However, the process may differ on laptops from different brands. For that we have mentioned some FAQs for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock the mouse on a Hp laptop?

Typically, HP laptops do not include an external mouse button for powering them on and off. They may, however, be present in certain older versions. As a result, the majority of the time, it will rely on the operating system you are using. If you are running Windows 10 or a comparable operating system, follow the above-mentioned steps to unlock the mouse. It will also be simpler when mouse is locked on laptop running on Windows 7. As a result, you won’t have to worry about unlocking the mousepad on your HP laptop.

How can I unlock my Lenovo laptop’s mouse?

Because Lenovo laptops are also rather similar to one another, it will always rely on the operating system you are using. Thus, if you follow the above-mentioned technique, you may quickly turn on or off the Touchpad on your laptop. This is all well and good, but never forget to check your Lenovo laptop for a mouse enabling/disabling button.

How can I unlock my Dell or Toshiba laptop’s mouse?

The only variation is in the brand, but the technique for locking and unlocking the mousepad on your Dell or Toshiba laptops is similar. All you need to do is to look out for the operating system you’re running.

What is the procedure for unlocking your Desktop PC mouse?

On a desktop PC, again, it is dependent on the operating system that is being used.The mouse can be activated or disabled only via an internal setting on your desktop. However, if you are using a USB-connected mouse and it is not working on your computer and it is not working then this also implies that you must verify correct connectivity and the status of the mouse’s internal light. Additionally, if nothing works, you may have to purchase a new computer mouse.

Final Words:

I hope that after reading this post, you have a firm grasp on how to unlock the mouse on a laptop.  Alternatively, you may be considering adding an external mouse. Solving this problem does not require rocket science. Because all you need to do is navigate through some standard Windows settings and you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

Still, if you have any queries then you can share them in the comment section!

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