How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on Chromebook? Easy Guide

How to turn on the keyboard light on Chromebook? This is a common question asked by Chromebook users. Actually, the majority of the Chromebooks these days come with backlit keyboards as it has become one of the most popular choices for Chromebook buyers. You don’t need to worry as there is no rocket science involved in it and you can easily turn on the keyboard light by just following a few simple steps which would be discussed in this article.

How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on Chromebook?

1. Check to see if your Chromebook supports the backlight feature. You may do this by tapping Ctrl+Alt+I, which will open up a menu with the lighting effects option (four “S” letters should appear).

Then select the desired lighting effect, such as “Off,” “Steady On,” or whatever you like.

2. In the next step, make Chromebook automatically activate the lighting effect when Chromebook turns on so you won’t have to do it manually.

You can find “Turn on” choices for all of the Chromebooks’ keyboards by going to “Settings,” then clicking “Keyboard” (if your Chromebook uses multiple keyboard layouts, you have to do this step again).

3. Now all you have to do is relax and enjoy the Chromebook’s illuminated keyboard while reading eBooks or surfing the web.

How to turn on the keyboard light on HP Chromebook?

I’m going to show you how to switch on the illuminated keyboard on an HP Chromebook because I had the same issue and can understand what you’re thinking right now. To determine whether the problem is due to malfunctioning hardware, we must first resolve any software problems. So, here are the steps to follow:

1) Click the task manager after pressing ctrl+alt+delete at the same time. Try pressing ctrl+shift+esc if that doesn’t work.

2) Once Task Manager is open, go to Processes and look for chromium.exe, then check the CPU column on the Processes tab.

If it is greater than 90%, your computer will need to be hard reset since too much chromium is running in the background. It means that if you press ctrl+alt+delete again, whatever you open will take a long time to load, especially in your browser.

3) Repeat the 1st step again after making sure that any unnecessary programs are closed. Close any processes or programs that aren’t necessary for the smooth functioning of your Chromebook this time.

If an application continues crashing every time you open it, it could be the reason for Chromebook programs opening and closing slowly. Because there is too much running in the background, you will need to hard reset your computer again.

If it doesn’t work after you’ve closed all other programs and tried step one again, you can try this:

4) Press ctrl+shift+q at the same time and, if a task manager appears, choose “more details” and, under the “processes” tab, close the plugin-container.exe and Flashplayer processes (if they are open).

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to power wash your Chromebook, which involves deleting everything and starting over but make a backup of your Gmail account first.

5) If the problem persists after attempting all of the previous steps, you will need to replace your keyboard.

When it gets dark enough, light sensors on the keyboard turn on the backlight automatically. Backlighting goes off to save battery power and protect your eyes when it’s bright outside or there’s too much light near your laptop.

It’s possible that your keys aren’t lighting up when typing in low-light circumstances because of malfunctioning hardware. This problem can be resolved by just replacing the keyboard.

How to turn on the backlit keyboard on Acer Chromebook?

I’ll show you how to turn on the illuminated keyboard on your Acer Chromebook in this part. It’s difficult to type in the dark with your Acer Chromebook if you don’t have a backlit keyboard or illuminated keys. Having one can save you time whether you’re working in the dark or viewing movies in low light.

To switch on the backlit keyboard on an Acer Chromebook notebook, follow these steps.

  • By clicking the status area, you may access the Settings menu (where time appears).
  • Afterward, choose Brightness & lock.
  • Now adjust the keyboard backlight level.
  • For your keyboard lighting effect, adjust the slider bar to the desired brightness level. Your keyboard will be brighter than your screen if it is set to a higher brightness.
  • Now, tap on the Screen lock button.
  • By checking the status area, you can verify if you’ve successfully enabled the Acer Chromebook keyboard backlight.

The clock should now read “ON” instead of “OFF.”  If it’s OFF, your laptop locks when you close the lid. Turning on the backlit keyboard on an Acer Chromebook is as simple as that.

How to adjust backlit keyboard lighting on Chromebook?

Users will only need three keys to alter the brightness of a Chromebook’s backlit keyboard. These are the “alt” key and the display panel’s brightness adjustment keys. The brightness adjustment keys in Chrome OS each have a “sun”-like icon. The difference between the two icons is that one is somewhat smaller than the other. Brightness is increased by the larger, bolder sun-shaped icon, while brightness is decreased by the smaller sun-shaped icon. The smaller key will be referred to as the “brightness down” key and the “brightness up” key will be referred to as the larger icon.

To increase or decrease the brightness of the backlit keyboard on a Chromebook, users must first press and hold the “alt” key. Both left-hand and right-hand alt keys can be used. Users should just click whichever button is easiest to reach while maintaining reach to the screen brightness keys.

To change the brightness of the backlit keyboard, users must first hit the alt key, then tap or hold the “brightness up” key and vice versa.

Final Words:

After reading the aforementioned article, I’m sure that you would be able to turn on the Keyboard Light on Chromebook. If you like this blog or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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