Laptop Screen Weird Colors And Lines – Quick Fix!

If you use a laptop for a long time, you’re likely to see distorted colors and weird lines on the screen. It can happen to new laptops as well. So, what if your laptop screen starts flickering while you’re watching movies or doing something important?

It’s not a good thing, right? I also encountered this issue and it made me really furious. However, you don’t need to worry as we have figured out how to solve the problem after carrying out some research.

Actually, you’ve come to the right place, if you are facing the annoying screen issue. So get ready as in this article we are going to tell you how to fix this laptop screen problem and get rid of distorted display or weird lines.

Reasons behind the laptop screen weird colors and lines

However, first, you need to figure out what’s wrong before you try to fix it. You need to check which part of your laptop is the source of the problem.  It could be a hardware problem or a software problem, and it could be both as well. Probably, there are two major reasons behind this screen issue.

  1. The screen/monitor could be the main source of trouble. The best way to find it is to gently press the screen and observe the changes.
  2. There could be a problem with your graphics card driver or any other driver that you are using currently. You will have to keep them updated and fixed.

If you have any problems with your screen/monitor, this article will help you to solve them. So let’s move on and see how you can fix the lines and colors on your laptop screen.

7 Ways to Fix the defected Laptop Screen Weird Colors And Lines

Starting with

1) Try Fixing the Hardware issues

If your laptop screen has distorted lines or colours, you should take it to a local laptop repair and maintenance store. If your product is covered by a warranty, you should take it to one of the manufacturer’s approved repair shops as it will help you save money.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a warranty as any laptop repair service would be able to help you. I’m sure you’ll be able to locate some wonderful stores in your area. You can also get a new laptop screen by replacing the old one. It will fix the hardware issue and stop the flickering on your screen.

The most reliable course of action is to take your laptop to a professional. However, if you find that there is no problem with the hardware then follow the next steps.

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2) Try Restarting your Laptop:

The first thing you should do if you see distorted lines or strange colors on your screen is to restart your laptop. Simply turn off your computer and wait for five minutes.

Unfinished operations, RAM overload, spyware, viruses, and other factors might cause strange colours and lines to appear on your laptop screen. If this is the case, a simple restart will solve the problem! However, if that doesn’t work, there are other options as well.

3) Use an external monitor and fix the problem

If a restart hasn’t resolved your screen issue, you’ll need to determine whether or not your laptop’s screen is malfunctioning. Consequently, you will have to utilize a monitor to check your laptop. However, it’s possible that you don’t have access to an external monitor at home. So, how do you go about it?

You shouldn’t buy a new laptop monitor only to examine the screen on your current one. Test your laptop with the assistance of a repairman. You can take your laptop to a store that specializes in computer repair and they’ll look into it for you.

Moreover, if you have a friend or another person with an external monitor, you can ask them to examine your laptop screen. It only takes a few moments. After then, you can work on resolving the problem.

You can quickly test your laptop screen if you have access to an external monitor. Here’s how to go about it.

To test, you’ll need a VGA cable, DVI cable, S-Video cable, or HDMI cable. Any of these wires can be used to test your laptop screen. Keep in mind that HDMI cables aren’t compatible with all displays. Before you buy one, be sure about it. VGA connections are supported by almost all laptops. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the external monitor and make sure it’s in good shape.

As you connect your laptop with an external monitor, you’ll begin to see results on both the monitor and the laptop screen. If your monitor isn’t capable of doing so automatically, you’ll have to manually connect it.

To switch the display between internal and exterior modes, use the function buttons on your keyboard. These buttons vary for different brands as stated below:

  • Press the Fn+F4 key on HP notebooks.
  • Press the Fn+F5 key for Toshiba.
  • Press the Fn+F8 key for Dell.
  • Press the Fn+F7 key for Lenovo.

This is how you go to the connection menu. Now Connect your laptop screen to the monitor manually.

Afterward, the results will now appear on both screens. If the display on both screens is strange, it’s most likely due to outdated graphics drivers, a broken LCD connection, or a faulty cable.

If the external monitor shows good findings, but the laptop screen shows strange lines, your laptop screen has to be fixed.

4) Try Updating the graphics card drivers

This is a really straightforward procedure. Look for the newest driver for your graphics card if you know the model (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel). Afterward, update your laptop’s video card drivers to the most recent version.

You can use an app if you don’t know your graphics card model or want a simpler experience. DriverFix is an app that we recommend. It is extremely inexpensive. For roughly $20 per year, you can get a license for a single PC. The software will detect broken or obsolete drivers automatically. Consequently, you can easily update them.

If this doesn’t work, you might want to consider getting a new graphics card.

5) Check if the LCD wire is properly connected to the motherboard

If your laptop screen is in good working order but you still notice vertical lines on it, it could be due to a faulty connection between the LCD and the motherboard. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Signals are sent from your laptop’s motherboard to the screen via a connection. To attain the desired outcomes, the connection must be stable. On the contrary, it is prevented by a defective connection or a low-quality cable.

It is dangerous to continue using a cable that has been broken or worn out. You will see distorted vertical lines because of the defective cable which is something that needs to be immediately changed.

Check to see if the cable is correctly connected. If it’s not connected properly, tighten it up. The connection between the laptop’s LCD panel and the motherboard lies under the screen. So, you must first dislodge the keyboard to fix the problem.

6) Replace the LCD cable with a new one

Your viewing experience on your laptop will be impaired by a faulty LCD cable. If the cable is worn out, you should replace it immediately. It is inexpensive. If the cable appears to be in good condition, you might try wiggling it. If the computer screen flickers or shows distortion while wiggling, then you should change the cable.

7) Examine the laptop’s display by pressing the screen

If none of the preceding methods worked for you, you should look at the screen itself.  Gently press the topmost portion of your laptop’s screen and notice any distortions or bright spots. If they appear then it’s time to replace your laptop’s display.

Final Words:

It’s annoying to have a laptop screen with weird colors and lines. We all desire for a standard monitor that works properly and has a high screen resolution. With a distorted display, you can’t do anything properly. Unfortunately, any laptop can be affected. In the article, we have mentioned numerous ways to fix your laptop screen on your own. However, you can take it to an expert if you’re not sure or don’t want to take any chances.

You don’t have to buy a laptop or repair the display every time you see a flickering screen. Because computers are costly and you must be completely certain before going forward. We hope that you found this article informative. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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