How to Turn on Bluetooth on HP Laptop? Step by Step Guide

Our modern computers seem to give us a lot of options for both personal and professional use because of all of the different functions they can perform. People sometimes forget about the many technological advances that they see every day until they no longer work in their favor. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on them. But even with all these modern tools, there can still be problems.

Among all the things we do, Bluetooth is one of the things we use a lot. In the past, we had to connect our phones and tablets to other electronics with wires. This wireless connection has made it much easier for us to do this.

There are many things we use today that don’t work without Bluetooth. It’s a good thing that you know how to use it on a daily basis, too. If you have an HP laptop, this is a quick look at how to turn on Bluetooth.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that was build to make it easier to send and move data between different devices without having to use wires. For this technology to work, short wave radio frequencies are sent between fixed or moving devices.

This technology was made possible and developed in the early 1990s. The first commercial version of this technology was made available to the public in 1999. As time went on, it has become a standard feature on most electronic devices today.

Bluetooth is used for things like sending audio signals and turning your phone into a hotspot. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you already know how to use your phone to stream music and then attach it to the speaker so you can hear the music.

If you have ever used your phone as a mobile hotspot for internet connectivity, you will be surprised to know that it also uses Bluetooth for this purpose. There has been a lot of progress in Bluetooth technology over the last few decades. This has made Bluetooth connections more reliable and more useful.

A lot of people use Bluetooth on a daily basis, and it has become almost as important and well-known as other tech terms like WiFi. A lot of things have changed since Bluetooth technology came out. It has made it easier for devices to connect and communicate with each other, and it set the stage for wireless technology in the modern world.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on HP Laptop?

If you own an HP laptop, you’ll want to learn how to use all of its features so that you can complete any task. Many of the features are self-explanatory and may be known to you. Others are a little more complicated and require some initial training to understand how to use and operate them.

Let’s look at how to activate the Bluetooth feature on your HP laptop so you can use it fast and effortlessly. The first step in using any Bluetooth-capable gadget is to ensure that it is equipped with wireless technology and that it is activated. It will not connect if the Bluetooth on any device you are trying to use or sync with is switched off.

Bluetooth technology is built into your HP laptop computer, but in order to use it, you must first ensure that it is turned on.

Follow these simple steps to enable Bluetooth on your HP laptop:

  • Start by pressing the Start button.
  • Select Control Panel from the list.
  • Now, tap on HP Wireless Assistant.
  • From the list of wireless connections, select Bluetooth and click on it.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on in the Bluetooth menu.
  • The aforementioned steps will ensure that your HP laptop computer’s Bluetooth feature is turned on.

There are a few more steps to connect any other gadget to your HP laptop over Bluetooth.

If you’re trying to connect your phone to your laptop, for example, ensure that the Bluetooth function on your phone is turned on and set to discoverable. Your phone or computer will search for any potential Bluetooth connections that are within range if they are discoverable.

Modern Bluetooth technology has a reasonable coverage distance of 20 to 30 feet. I would suggest pairing your devices at a distance closer to that limit, as it is sometimes easier to establish a connection at a shorter distance. The procedures to switch on Bluetooth may vary depending on what other devices you have, but they should be quite simple to find out.

On most devices, you can get to this through a settings folder or a button. After you’ve switched on the Bluetooth function on your HP laptop and the device you wish to pair it with, simply follow the steps below to link the two devices.

  • On your HP laptop, go to the Bluetooth and other devices window. This can be done by following steps 1-4 in the instructions above or by searching for Bluetooth and other devices on your laptop.
  • Now, tap on Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • The computer will now look for other Bluetooth-enabled devices within range.
  • Find the Bluetooth device you want to pair with (phone, speaker, another computer, etc.)
  • Connect the device by selecting it and tapping on Connect.
  • Most likely, the other device you’re attempting to pair with will display a confirmation message asking you to accept the connection. Allow this device to pair with your Bluetooth device.
  • Afterward, the Bluetooth device would be successfully linked with your HP laptop.

Final Words:

Bluetooth technology is extremely valuable and can be used in a variety of circumstances. Knowing how to use and operate this feature on any device is beneficial. Your HP laptop has Bluetooth features, and now that you know how to turn on Bluetooth on HP laptops and couple them with another device, you can start enjoying the benefits of Bluetooth.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have all of the devices you want to pair with Bluetooth must have it enabled and within close range of each other for pairing. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re having difficulties pairing devices, there could be another Bluetooth device within the range that’s turned on.

This may lead your laptop to connect to that device automatically, so it’s best to switch it off when pairing another device. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it do mention them in the comment section!

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