How to Charge a Dead Laptop Without a Charger? 5 Easy Ways

Suppose it’s the weekend, and you’ve traveled a long distance with your buddies for a picnic. You’ve made a lot of plans for your trip and have a long list of tasks ahead of you. You’ve also brought your laptop with you to pass the time while watching a movie, playing a game while sitting next to the bonfire, listening to beautiful music, storing your vacation photos, and working on some office work. That, believe me, is the nicest thing you’ve done because the laptop is someone’s best company when they’re lonely. You will never be disappointed or bored with it.

However, upon unpacking your belongings, you find that you have forgotten to bring your laptop charger. You’re now running on a low battery, and the situation may appear to be dire. You can’t simply turn off your laptop and walk away. You must be thinking, w What should I do now?

Additionally, you may encounter this situation while rushing to the office, university, school, or any other location in the morning. Well, you don’t need to worry as we would tell you some alternatives through which you can charge your laptop in case you forgot your laptop’s charger.

How to charge a dead laptop without a charger?

1. Use a Power Bank to Charge Your Laptop

You may be able to charge your laptop using one of its USB Type-C ports even if you don’t have the original charger with you, depending on the model. You can use a power bank to charge your laptop in the same way that you would charge your smartphone when there is no other way to charge it.

However, whereas most laptops require 8 to 12 volts of power, most power banks only provide 5 volts, necessitating the purchase of a power bank that supports 12 volts or higher.

Point to be noted:

You must keep in mind that there are early generations of laptops with USB Type-C that don’t support charging from a powerbank.)

2. Use a Car Battery to Charge Your Laptop

If you can’t afford a power bank, another option is to use the battery in your car to charge your laptop. You can power anything that requires up to 300 watts with an inverter like the BESTEK 300W Power Inverter. It may not be enough to run power tools, but it is more than enough to charge your laptop in this case! The disadvantage of this strategy is that you must leave the power inverter somewhere on the vehicle’s floor.

3. Connect with a USB Type-C Adapter

If you don’t have a power bank or can’t charge your phone using your car battery, you can use a USB Type-C adapter instead. USB-C, unlike Type A, has a tiny oval-shaped connector that is optimized for high-power connectivity. It has the ability to conduct more power at considerably higher speeds.

A USB Type-C adapter, such as the Anker USB C Wall Charger, will charge your laptop similarly to a power bank, however, it will require you to plug it into a power source, whereas a power bank is a standalone power source. It is one of the safest methods to charge via USB-C because the adapter contains protection that shuts off charging when it detects high heat or other concerns.

4. Use a universal power adapter to charge your laptop

While it’s fantastic to know that you can charge your laptop battery without using the official charger, if you set the voltage too high when using a universal power adapter, you’ll most likely end up with a dead or failed battery. It usually comes with replaceable tips and is compatible with a variety of brands. Many of the battery packs can be charged using the 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car, making them truly portable.

5. Use a Super Battery to Charge Your Laptop

Super batteries are similar to backup or replacement laptop batteries. They come with different charging cables and are designed to replace your laptop’s original battery. Make sure it fits your laptop and is the proper size when you buy one. These gadgets are brand-specific, so they might not function with your laptop even if it’s made for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to charge a laptop using a phone charger or a phone?

This is certainly exciting, but it is still accessible. You’ll be surprised to learn that your smartphone can charge your laptop. Just connect your phone with the laptop by using a cable through USB port Type C, and there will be an option to your phone of power transfer same as transferring files. You can enable that option, and your laptop will begin charging, but your mobile battery will be depleted.

Is it possible to charge a laptop via USB port?

Yes, as previously said, one can charge his or her laptop through the USB port. The USB port, however, must be of the C type, as well as the appropriate cables and connectors. As a result, charging a dead laptop without a charger will be quick and simple.

How to charge a dead laptop without a charger?

It makes no difference which laptop you are attempting to charge. If you follow our advice and suggestions, you’ll be able to charge any laptop in no time.

Are there any other options for charging your laptop?

Yes, a laptop can be charged in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, every method other than charging the laptop using its native charger costs the laptop a little money. As a result, they can’t possibly be better than the ones we’ve detailed.

Is Charging Your Laptop Without Its Official Charger Safe?

Using multiple methods to charge your laptop could be dangerous for the battery if you don’t know what you’re doing. You must ensure that the voltage and power meet the specifications of your laptop charger. In all cases, using the OEM charger or an approved replacement to power your laptop is the best option.

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I hope that our today’s article provided you with a lot of useful information. You’ve now discovered the solution to the problem of how to charge a dead laptop without a charger. These options should only be used in emergency situations.

A man, on the other hand, should always be responsible and take care of things before they become nasty. Before travelling anyplace, it’s a golden rule to double-check our belongings and confirm anything left behind. So, the next time, ask your pals to hold off a little so you can quickly pack your belongings. In fact, I recommend that you pack them at least one day ahead of time. It’s the finest option for you.

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