How to Afford a Macbook? 9 Ways to Get a Macbook for Cheap!

Apple’s MacBooks are some of the best laptops with cutting-edge technology that you can currently find on the market. However, they’re also pretty expensive. Nevertheless, a few tips and tricks can assist a smart shopper figure out how to get a MacBook for cheap. Furthermore, if you already have a MacBook, you can either get a trade-in deal when purchasing a new MacBook or sell it online. But even if you don’t own a MacBook yet, you can save money by knowing how to shop for one. We are going to share a few ways through which you can afford a Macbook for cheap.

How to Afford a Macbook? 9 ways to Buy a Macbook for Cheap

1. Look for refurbished models

While picking up a refurbished MacBook may not be as exciting as tearing off the plastic wrapping and digging into Apple’s gorgeous package, but you can save a lot of money. You might save hundreds of dollars by purchasing one of these from Apple’s refurbished shop, and they’ll even come with a guarantee. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

However, you must keep in mind that while refurbished MacBooks purchased directly from the Apple store are insured by AppleCare, third-party refurbished items are not. So, if you’re going to go this route, make sure you do your homework and get something that comes with a decent guarantee.

2. Search on Craigslist

The second-hand laptop market has exploded on sites like Craigslist and even on Facebook Marketplace in the last decade. You may easily find a lot of people trying to sell their older MacBooks on one of these sites.

Perhaps they wish to upgrade to the most up-to-date technology. Perhaps they simply require the additional funds to make ends meet. In either case, you’ll be able to acquire a MacBook on the cheap. A word of caution, though: it’s easy to get scammed on these platforms, so never go to pick up the item alone, and always test it once you get there. Don’t waste your money on a broken laptop.

3. Visit eBay

eBay is an excellent option for anyone searching a great deal on used technology of any kind. You can frequently find really cheap MacBooks on eBay, much like on Craigslist, but you are also protected from scammers thanks to eBay’s money-back guarantee.

However, keep in mind that if you buy a pre-owned MacBook from eBay, you’ll only be covered by eBay’s 30-day guarantee You may save hundreds of dollars on a MacBook if you shop carefully.

4. Purchase a used Macbook from a local vendor

If you’re a college student, you’ve definitely noticed the bulletin boards hanging around campus where people try to sell used electronics, tutoring sessions, and whatever else. You might be able to catch a discount from someone seeking to sell their old MacBook.

However, just make sure you don’t meet the seller alone and that you’re prepared to test the device. Try launching Photoshop, typing to make sure none of the keys are stuck, and double-checking that the Mac you’re buying is the Mac that was described – you can verify Mac’s information by selecting ‘About this Mac’ from the Apple logo in the top left corner.

5. Buy a Cheap Laptop Through Google Shopping

Using Google’s shopping feature is one of the quickest methods to find a good bargain on a MacBook. You won’t always get the best offer, but you should be able to find something, particularly on older models.

To do so, simply go to Google and search for the item you want to buy, then select the ‘Shopping’ button. You should be able to find some good offers there but just make sure you buy from reliable stores.

6. Lookout for seasonal deals.

If you are into buying things on regular basis then you must be getting a lot of promotional emails from stores like Newegg, Best Buy, and Amazon on a regular basis. If you’re patient enough, you can monitor those until you find a MacBook that fits your budget.

Several online merchants, for example, are already running Back to School deals, which will, of course, feature MacBooks. Depending on where you buy them, you may save hundreds of dollars on brand new MacBooks — albeit some may be older versions.

7. Look for alternatives.

Once upon a time, windows laptops were thought to be large, heavy, slow, and, to be honest, sort of lame. Those days, thankfully, are no more. Nowadays, the greatest Ultrabooks will not only be cheaper than their macOS counterparts, but they will also be faster and lighter.

Take the Dell XPS 13 as an example. It has faster 8th-generation Intel Core CPUs, more memory, and faster SSD storage than the current MacBook Pro, and it’s also slimmer and lighter. You might not think it’s quite as fashionable, but the moment you see this Ultrabook, you may reconsider your option.

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8. Visit a local computer repair shop.

Computer repair firms frequently have spare PCs for sale. Many computer repair companies will rebuild broken MacBooks and resell them to the public at a reduced price.

Also, if you buy locally, you can easily chat with individuals in the area to check if the repair business you’ve chosen is reliable. Purchasing refurbished things from third parties can be dangerous, but if you do your homework – both on the product and the refurbisher – you can find some great bargains.

9. Consult with friends or family

It might sometimes be beneficial to just speak with individuals you know. Perhaps someone you know has found a great offer and is ready to share it with you. Also, it’s possible that your cousin is attempting to sell their gently used MacBook.

Because you know where it’s coming from, this is definitely the most economical and reliable option to get a used Mac. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to undercut your friends and family on regarding pricing as it’s simply not worth it.

Final Words:

I’m pretty sure that after reading the aforementioned ways, you will be able to get a Macbook for cheap. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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