5 Best Chromebooks with SD card Reader

Chromebooks tend to have a narrow price range and are very budget-friendly. This is because they often have smaller screen sizes, and less storage capacity as well. Chromebooks are a great option if you’re looking for a highly portable, yet affordable laptop. They are great for kids, and for most people who don’t necessarily need a windows laptop.

However, most Chromebooks offer limited built-in storage; and while there is always free cloud storage available for most Chromebooks, a lot of them also have an SD card slot, which helps you expand the internal Storage.

So, if you’re looking for a Chromebook with SD Card Slot, then you are at the right place. We have compiled the list of the best Chromebooks with SD card readers.

Best Chromebooks with SD card Reader

1) Lenovo Flex 5:

Lenovo is one of the most popular Chromebook manufacturers in the world. You can take the example of Lenovo Flex 5 which is a fine Chromebook with full size sd card slot.

It is a powerful chromebook that can handle all average daily tasks. From high school to college students, from casual browsing to professional app management, there is something for everyone. Because it has a powerful core i3 processor, it does everything wonderfully.

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Furthermore, it is equipped with the 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U processor, which makes it one of the most powerful Chromebooks on our list. It’s a U-series processor, and this series’ processors are known for their excellent battery life.  It can even help you run high-resolution Android or Chrome Webstore games. So install your favourite games on this chromebook, and play them without any hassle.

Furthermore, the chromebook features a 13.3-inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display’s viewing area is increased by the thin bezels that surround it.

It may be transformed into a tablet by spinning it. Its 360-degree convertibility makes it one of the most versatile Chromebooks, allowing you to use it as a streaming device, tablet, tent, or notebook.

It does have a backlit keyboard but when the keys are not used for 10 seconds, they dim automatically, however, you can adjust this from the settings. The keys are well-spaced, and allow you to type for lengthy periods of time without becoming annoyed.

It has all of the necessary ports and connectivity options. This Chromebook has two USB Type-C ports, one USB Type-A port, and an SD card reader slot, allowing you to connect any computer peripheral.

In addition, the USB Type-C port can be used to charge devices. The fast charging feature of this Chromebook is my favorite. It takes about two hours to fully charge the device, and it lasts over 10-12 hours on a single charge, which is wonderful.


2 USB Type-C connectivity ports
Core i3 processor
Full HD display
Convertible display
10 hours long battery


Slightly heavy

2) Acer Chromebook Spin 311:

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a compact Chromebook with SD card reader. The black shade on screen surroundings and keyboard give it a stylish outlook. Furthermore, the screen includes a stunning diamond print panel on the back that is durable enough to protect the screen. Surprisingly, this panel also enhances the texture and pattern of the surface. Consequently, the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is ideal for people looking for a long-lasting notebook.

Moreover, the keyboard on this device is identical to that on larger models. The most impressive feature of the keyboard is its delightful click and clack. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable typing can be on this keyboard. Also, the keyboard and touchpad are quite easy to operate, and they could be utilized for heavy typing.

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is powered by an Intel Celeron N4020 processor, which is typically seen in low-cost laptops. It operates at a frequency of 1.1 GHz, with a maximum speed of 2.8 GHz. It has the ability to run numerous apps at the same time with ease.


In addition, the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 has an 11-inch screen measured from corner to corner. The screen is surrounded by broad bezels, which aren’t particularly appealing, but they provide a lot of screen protection, especially in spin mode. They’re also fantastic for holding the strong Gorilla Glass in place.

In terms of connectivity, you’ll find practically all of the required ports in this little package. Two USB C connections for faster data transfer, two USB Type-A ports for connecting accessories, and an audio jack for headphones or external speakers are also included on this Acer Chromebook. Furthermore, if you want to increase the storage, there is an SD card slot available on the Chromebook.

To meet your needs, one side shares space with the power button, while the other side holds the volume slider and Kensington hole. Keep in mind that you won’t get an Ethernet port, but at this price range and with this screen size, that isn’t a deal-breaker.

The Acer Chromebook 311’s spin mechanism is stunningly responsive and perfect for converting it from a laptop to a tablet, which is a lot of fun. In tablet mode, the touchscreen comes in handy. The good news is that no extra efforts or techniques are required for this conversion.

We also exploited this spin mechanism in a variety of ways, with the tent mode being particularly entertaining to watch on Netflix. As a result, you can use this item however you wish.

The battery life of the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is also quite good, with enough juice to get you through a working day without needing to plug it in. The battery lasted about 8 hours in video playback mode. Above all, this Chromebook’s performance is good for meeting daily or work needs.

Overall, this Chromebook with microSD reader is adaptable and comes at a reasonable price. The key selling point of this small laptop is its convertible mechanism. We think it’s a great Chromebook for elementary students, and it’s ideal for light surfing and light-duty work.


Compact design
2-in-1 versatility at an affordable price
Responsive touchpad
MicroSD slot along with Type-A and C ports


Low screen resolution
Small screen size

3) Dell Chromebook 11:

The Dell Chromebook 11 is known for its sturdy build and durability. It’s designed to withstand the rigours of an educational environment. Also, the  Chromebook is designed to withstand water spills, drops, grime, and dust.

Surprisingly, in US Military Standard testing for durability, pressure, temperature, shock, and vibration, the Dell Chromebook 11 performed admirably.

Because Dell wanted to make the most durable Chromebook possible, they made it a little heavier. However, it is not too hefty for the students to carry around with themselves. Furthermore, the offered touchscreen is capable of handling both typing and online browsing.

The reinforced barrel hinge is what sets the Dell Chromebook 11 apart from its competitors. The barrel hinge, for example, allows the lid to open up to 180 degrees, allowing for good peer-to-peer communication. The barrel hinge also holds forward-firing stereo speakers.

Because students frequently grab and carry laptops by the lid, the barrel of this Chromebook is ideal for reducing stress and preventing hinge breakage. In this pricing range, what else can you expect?

This Dell Chromebook 11, unlike other chromebooks in this price range, offers a non-backlit keyboard that is exceptionally comfortable to use. The full-sized keys are narrow, and typing is generally comfortable. In addition, the top of the keyboard has a dedicated row of typical shortcut keys.

Furthermore, the Dell Chromebook 11’s trackpad is very responsive, and we noticed that the cursor tracking is pretty accurate. The good news is that the trackpad is entirely waterproof; this is a feature usually reserved for more expensive corporate laptops.

You can expect good performance from the Dell Chromebook 11 even in the science lab and other hazardous areas, thanks to the waterproof keyboard. In addition to that,  the Corning Gorilla Glass NBT screen protects the display from scratches.

When it comes to performance, the Dell Chromebook 11 is responsive, quick, and free of lags. As it features a powerful 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Celeron Bay Trail processor with Intel HD graphics under a $200 price tag. In terms of memory, 4GB DDR3L RAM is offered in the device along with 16 GB SSD for internal storage. However, if you still feel that the storage is low then you can use an SD card reader on this chromebook.

During our testing, we found that while the screen is bright enough for indoor use, it is relatively dim for outdoor use, even at full brightness. In addition to that, the stereo speakers provide loud and clear audio.

In terms of connectivity, the Dell Chromebook 11 has ports on both sides. An  HDMI, USB port, and audio port are all located on the left side. A card reader is located on the right, making it one of the top Chromebooks with an SD card reader.

In conclusion, the Dell Chromebook 11 is a low-cost touchscreen Chromebook for around $200 that is specifically suited for educational activities.


Robust design
Good audio quality
180-degree barrel hinge
Attractive touchscreen display


Keyboard is small

4) Asus Chromebook Flip C101:

If you’re on a budget and want the cheapest Chromebook with SD card reader, feasible for business or personal use, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 is a wonderful option.

This laptop is about $150 and covers all of your basic requirements. Let’s take a look at the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 in detail. A dual-core processor is used in this laptop. It is not an Intel-based Chromebook, but rather an AMD-based Chromebook.

The Rock chip RK3399 processor has a base clock speed of 2.0 GHz. This speed range is ideal for running numerous programs at the same time.

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 notebook comes with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in flash storage. If you use the integrated SD Card slot, you can expand the storage.

You can upgrade the storage to a 256GB SSD, but why would you want to do so on a Chromebook when you already have 100GB of Google Cloud storage and the option of an SD card?

This Chromebook’s all-metal exterior gives it a sleek and thin appearance. It has a thickness of 0.6 inches and weighs about 2.0 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest laptops to carry about, which is ideal for frequent travelers or school students.

Furthermore, it features a 10.1-inch display with a resolution of (1280 x 800 pixels). It’s a touchscreen-enabled display that can also rotate 360 degrees.

In terms of the keyboard, it’s a standard keyboard with all basic functions. It isn’t the most comfortable keyboard, but it is adequate for casual typing.

Remember that you should not use it for a regular typing job that requires long hours as it is a little small. This ASUS Chromebook features two USB Type-C ports and one USB 2.0 port for connecting a mouse, keyboard, or other computer devices.


The cheapest price
Lightweight laptop
fast processor
2 USB Type-C Ports
SD Card reader helps extend space up to 256GB SSD
Touchscreen display


Does not have an FHD display
The keyboard is small

5) HP Chromebook 14:

To begin with, the HP Chromebook 14 features an unrivaled design that is accentuated by the white colour variant. The HP logo is printed in the center of the Chromebook’s lid, which is smooth and textured.

The 14-inch screen is surrounded by comparatively thin bezels compared to other similar priced models, thus putting it ahead of them.

The ports are present on both sides when it comes to connectivity. There are USB 3.0, USB Type-C, and a lock slot on the right side. The left side has a headphone jack, the second set of USB 3.0 & USB Type-C ports, and a microSD card slot to cover practically all of your demands.

Moreover, HP has figured out a way to produce a 1080p display at an economical price point. Although the 14-inch panel isn’t particularly impressive, the results are superior to those of similarly priced devices.

The keyboard of the HP Chromebook is illuminated and features well-spaced keys that are relatively substantial in size.

Furthermore, the included touchpad is quite responsive and easy to use. I used Google Chrome to open many tabs and found it quite useful for doing gestures like flipping between tabs with a three-finger swipe.

Furthermore, the Chromebook 14 has enough power to handle everyday chores thanks to its 4GB RAM, Intel Dual-core processor, and 32GB eMMC internal storage. The storage can be increased from the micro SD card.

We opened 15 web pages to test the performance, including video streaming, HD video playback, and online browsing. All of the pages loaded quickly, and the video viewing pages only took a few seconds to load.

The HP Chromebook 14 has the advantage of being able to run for the entire working day. At an average brightness, this laptop lasted 9 hours and 35 minutes of continuous web surfing on Wi-Fi.

Moving on, the webcam on the HP Chromebook 14 is 720p, which can be used for Zoom meetings. Despite the fact that the captured images aren’t particularly sharp, you may expect to receive fine results for basic needs.

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-cost notebook, this HP Chromebook with microSD card slot is a great pick. This Chromebook is also great for carrying out daily tasks like online browsing, emailing, and watching videos. The battery life is also adequate for handling daily duties.


Long battery
Slim and sleek design
Comfortable keyboard
Responsive Chrome OS


Sluggish performance
The display could be improved

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Chromebook have SD card slot?

When you need to transfer files, you can use your Chromebook to insert a microSD card. There will be an SD card slot on most of the chromebooks, so you won’t have to worry about losing your data.

How do you put an SD card into a Chromebook?

  • Place the SD/memory card in the slot.
  • Check to see if the device is turned off.
  • Gently slide the SD / Memory Card into the slot.
  • Press in until you hear a click.

Why can’t my Chromebook format my SD card?

The most typical reason is that the card may have a hidden partition that prevents your Chromebook from correctly reading or formatting it. This is especially true if the card is made by SanDisk or Kingston. They’ve had a bad track record with Chromebooks.

Final Words:

People mostly choose Chromebooks as they are an affordable option on the market with the capability to carry out all average daily tasks. However, budget Chromebooks don’t have very large storage space. In order to compensate for this, there are SD card readers available in these Chromebooks. So we listed the best Chromebooks with SD card readers to offer you convenience. I hope you like our article, and if you have any queries, you can share them in the comment section!

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