5 Best 17 inch Laptops Under $500

We know that the most common sizes of laptops are 13 and 15 inches. There are, however, laptops with larger screens, such as 17 inches. This increases the size of the laptop while also increasing the price. But there are some best 17 Inch laptops under $500 available in the market that might serve your need. You must keep in mind that it also adds to the weight of the laptop as well.

It is hard to function in today’s environment of mega-companies and corporate positions without having your own laptop. Whether you work as a freelancer, a contract employee, or a full-time employee for a corporation, you will need a laptop to do your job. When you require more screen space, larger screen sizes are preferable. Numerous applications necessitate larger screen sizes, and it is sometimes a matter of personal preference to choose a laptop with a more visible surface.

When you begin your search for the best 17-inch laptops under $500, you will have thousands of options, making the task seem much more difficult. To tackle that, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best 17-inch laptops under $500 that are widely recommended.

5 Best 17 inch laptops under $500

1) HP 17.3 Inch

HP makes some of the finest computers, with larger displays.  Do not be concerned that if the screen size is larger, you will not be able to use it in your favorite places, since a 5.3-pounds weight does not add to your luggage. Even in the most congested areas, such a laptop might be used.

A 17-inch laptop like this doesn’t make people feel bad about anything they want to do but can’t because of the laptop’s limitations. That will never happen because the laptop is equipped with a massive Core i5 10th generation CPU.

The addition of Turbo Intel Boost technology improves performance and increases the speed from 1 GHz to 3.6 GHz. You won’t run into any roadblocks or need to stop doing your favourite tasks since the 4 core CPU with 6MB cache keeps everything running smoothly.

What a blessing it would be if you could receive immersive graphics and speedier screen visuals on such a low-cost laptop? It sounds lovely. As a result, enjoy your watch time with a 17.3-inch FHD IPS panel anti-glare display that is quite spectacular in terms of quality and usability. Furthermore, you would also be able to enjoy a WLED backlit immersion while watching your favorite video on Twitch or HULU, or whatever you like.

You’ll be able to complete the task quickly and easily, no matter how difficult or time-consuming it is. This is due to the laptop’s 12GB DDR4 RAM, which allows for extremely rapid multitasking. You can now launch multiple programmes simultaneously, even for a modest price.

You’ll never be short on storage space with a 1TB HDD. To organize your files, save your critical information, and access it from anywhere at any time.

What a slew of benefits this smart-ass laptop will offer you. Take, for example, its wireless connectivity, which has the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. With a backlit, smooth typing keyboard, you can create novels or type important documents quickly.

With all of this, the laptop features a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 8 hours. As a result, you may do your essential tasks even if you are not at home.


  • Large storage
  • Great at multitasking
  • Large range of connectivity options
  • Smooth typing keyboard
  • Bigger and sleeker display
  • Smart & lightweight
  • Brilliant battery life


  • No SSD storage

2) ASUS VivoBook F712DA

For all those who want a larger display, let us introduce you to one of the best 17-inch laptops in 2022, which will win your hearts with its wonderful design, stunning style, and excellent finishing. Yes, it’s no other than the ASUS VivoBook F712DA.

You won’t be able to overlook such a magnificent low-cost laptop with high-quality features and distinctive utilities. The first thing to look for is its 6-pound weight, which, despite appearing to be slightly heavier, will not be a burden on your shoulders.

Have you purchased a backpack for the new device you’ll be using? Anyway, have it because, with its readily fitted tiny and portable proportions, you’ll be taking it with you on your longest journeys.

The 17.3-inch 4-way nano edge bezel display on this ASUS VivoBook has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. With a spectacular 85 percent screen-to-body ratio, everything you want to view or do will be completely immersive.

For individuals who want to watch their favourite TV episodes and movies on a larger screen, this display is ideal. You’ll get FHD results, and the laptop is worth the money.

Even on this budget, the performance is satisfactory. Because this best budget 17-inch laptop is equipped with a powerful Core i5 8th generation U CPU, which can complete work quickly on Windows 10. Furthermore, you can multitask endlessly with 8GB DDR4 RAM.

However, a CPU of this type is not meant for heavy-duty operations like Minecraft or twitch.tv. Still, the laptop has a high demand because it has a larger display and enough storage with 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD to keep your files safe on the device.

Because the laptop has an Ergonomic backlit keyboard, you can type even at night and complete your assignments with ease. The fingerprint sensor installed on it is fantastic for providing security and allowing authorised people access to the laptop.

The good fortune doesn’t stop there. Because the laptop features a comprehensive set of connections, wireless connectivity, and an HD quality webcam. Comparatively, the battery isn’t that powerful and offers a battery timing of 5 hours on moderate use.

The final conclusion is that this is something worth considering within your budget and for your desired need. However, if you’re looking for extraordinary performance, you should go elsewhere.


  • Portable, and compact
  • Good with finishing
  • Great selection of ports
  • Elegant display
  • Quality specs and great performance
  • Durable


  • Not best for a heavy workload

3) 2021 Acer Aspire 3:

Bring your $500 and another wonderful piece of the pie will be lavished upon you. The Acer Aspire 3, a well-known laptop, has made it onto the list of best 17 inch laptops.

Let’s start by defining its different components and then move on to its LED display. Yes, you’ll enjoy an immersive viewing experience with a 17.3-inch FHD IPS display that allows you to watch your favourite shows with all of the intricacies and clear pixels.

With this laptop, enter a new world of the best cheap 17-inch laptops with high-performance specifications. You will have  powerful and smart Intel Core i5 processor from the 10th generation. It  boasts a clock speed of 3.6 GHz, along with 6MB cache memory, and four cores.

Long battery life is ready to let you operate for longer periods of time. Have up to 6 to 7 hours of tested battery capacity on a single charge, which keeps the bells and whistles ringing for you and allows you to work nonstop.

Never assume that you won’t be able to connect your various devices to this device. As  the laptop has USB connections, HDMI connectors, wireless connectivity with quicker Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology. So nothing can stop you from sharing your data between devices.

Furthermore, the laptop features an 8GB DDR4 RAM, which allows for speedier processing and work. It would also allow you to run numerous applications and fast surfing of the internet.

Enjoy a large amount of storage space for more files and videos with laptop’s 1TB storage capacity. You can easily update it later with SSD storage if you think it’s necessary. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful battery and provides you a life of 6-7 hours so you can easily carry it around with you.

It makes no difference whether you buy this laptop or not. But all I can say is that folks on a tight budget will have a hard time finding something similar. You are only one step away from making a worthwhile decision in your life. So, get into it!


  • An immersive screen
  • Large storage
  • Ultimate multitasking
  • Speedy connectivity
  • Good battery life


  • No SSD storage

4) Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Another cheap 17-inch laptop is here to bless your eves with a nice ergonomic style and light-dark colour.  The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 laptop is the best for dealing with computing at home and at work.

Despite the fact that it will add 6.9 pounds to your backpack, keep it in your bag and do worry-free computing for the rest of your life. The dimensions of 15.71 x 10.79 x 0.78 inches make it easy to fit and use.

If you want high-quality visuals while viewing your favourite shows, don’t worry because this smarty has more to offer. A 17-inch HD display with AMD Radeon 7 integrated graphics will make your viewing experience more ecstatic. These features will allow you to watch entertaining content with an immersive experience.

The performance meets your expectations as well, and the laptop allows you to create, draw, play, watch, and develop your favourite items. An AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD storage is present in the laptop.

These specification are ideal for multitasking and providing you the ability to launch multiple applications simultaneously. You can also play mid-level games on medium settings.

The Dolby crystal audio advantages inside this laptop will provide you with professional and great sound quality for everything you view or play. When you listen to your favourite music through the high-quality speakers included in this laptop, things get even better.

Furthermore, a physical shuttering camera provides lifetime privacy, allowing you to keep your content and everything safe on the system.

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 enhanced connectivity provide fast data transmission and allow you to download or upload content quickly over the internet. USB type C, USB type A, HDMI, SD card reader, and 3.5 mm dual audio jack are among the ports available.


  • Rich display
  • Speedy performance
  • Best for daily use
  • Smart and quicker connectivity
  • Innovative, and sleek


  • No optical drive

5) Dell Inspiron 17:

Dell also didn’t leave you behind and offers you one of the best cheap laptops with 17 inch screen. With a Dell Inspiron 17, you can get high productivity and richer graphics on a budget. These laptops are also offer a larger display with excellent quality.

Get your work done, store data, and have everything in one place with the Intel Dual-Core i3 processor. Furthermore, y our content is always fresh and up to date thanks to a 3MB cache memory.

Whatever you choose to play or do on such a super-machine, you will get the most intelligent and satisfying results. With a 17.3-inch extra-large FHD IPS display screen with anti-glare LED backlighting, you’ll get faster frame rates. When a screen like this is combined with Intel HD graphics 620, you can enjoy quality display while keeping everything structured and tied together.

The laptop comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM for better performance and doing multiple tasks at the same time. Furthermore, the laptop also offers  1TB HDD storage. So, install as many programmes as you want and save anything you think is necessary.

The laptop also includes a DVD player, making it one of the more stylish budget laptops. You may also read and write data from several types of DVD drives and store it on your laptop. This useful feature is pretty rare in today’s laptops of the latest generation.

Even at this price point, you receive a variety of connectivity ports, including two USB gen 3.1 ports, one USB 2.0 port, a Card Reader, an HDMI port, and a dual audio jack for smart audio connectivity.

Inside the laptop, you’ll find the most up-to-date Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for quick data transfer. Furthermore, a fantastic, smooth-typing keyboard awaits a talented writer. In terms of battery life, it offer four hours and 30 minutes on average use, which is on the lower side.


  • Splendid design
  • More storage
  • Good for multitasking
  • More ports for easy connectivity
  • A rich and immersive display


  • No SSD storage

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Budget 17-inch Laptop

When looking for the finest laptop for yourself in this price range, it’s also necessary to search for other great features. Because, of course, you don’t just need a screen; you’ll need a lot more to make a display and a laptop worthwhile. So, let’s have a look at some of the things you should think about before making such a purchase.


Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the majority of your day’s tasks. The processor is the heart of your laptop, and it wouldn’t be worth anything without it.

As a result, a Core i5 or higher processor with dual cores and at least 6th to 7th generation features is required. Such a CPU will quickly fall under this price range, and you will be pleased with the speed with which it can process data.

RAM and Storage

A laptop with a 17-inch display should have at least 8GB DDR4 RAM. This will provide the CPU with the necessary power, allowing you to complete your task in a matter of minutes.

Consider getting the Best 17-inch laptop under $500 with SSD drive. This is because SSDs are faster than HDDs, and when combined with such RAM, they provide the maximum processing for increasing the processing capacity of your computer or laptop and making it run faster.

Portable and lightweight

Because the majority of the 17-inch laptops are heavier and have larger dimensions. However, you do not need to be concerned because you can have a laptop that weighs at least 3 to 4 pounds and will easily fit in your bag anytime or wherever.


With all of the above in mind, make sure you get a laptop with a battery life of at least 7 to 8 hours.  With such battery life, it will be ideal to take it to work, the office, school, or any other location. This makes this thing even better.

Now moving on to the main article, here are the 5 best 17-inch laptops under $500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 17-inch laptops good for gaming?

Yes, 17-inch laptops are ideal for gaming, but only if you choose a compelling model with such a large screen. I mean to imply that a 17-inch laptop for around $500 will provide you with almost all you need to handle your everyday computing problems. However, a gaming laptop with the same display size will never fit into this price. This will necessitate the use of a laptop with a dedicated GPU. And, in the end, your budget will grow a little more.

Is it possible to carry a 17-inch laptop in a backpack?

There are numerous laptop backpacks on the market that are specifically designed and extensively compatible with 17-inch laptops. This means you’ll have no trouble finding a bag that will fit your 17-inch laptop inside. So, you’ll get it, and in the meantime, you can bring your laptop wherever you like.

Do I really need a 17-inch laptop?

This thing has nothing to do with any recommendations. However, it is dependent on your desires. If you want to view your favourite movies and TV series on a larger screen, have a look. Also, if yo u believe you should invest in a laptop with a larger display to allow you to access more content . If it appears that you are not just interested in the display, you can also choose compact laptops with 15.6-inch or 14-inch display panels.

Is a 17 inch laptop too big for college?

Yes, it is, in some ways. However, it is not so big or oversized that it will be difficult to transport to your school. Because the laptop manufacturers always consider that it must be compatible enough to get to your desired locations, it will not be a major issue.

Final Words:

After reading the aforementioned article, we are confident that you have chosen the best 17-inch laptop under $500 for yourself. In our opinion, the best two picks are the HP 17 and Asus vivobook because of their looks, build quality and overall features.  Consequently, you’ll get the perfect blend of work and pleasure. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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